Don Quixote of 21-st Century Series

Don Quixote of 21-st Century
Those, who lived on the brink of XVI century, faced the same questions about the shape of society.
When Miguel Cervantes wrote the world famous novel, the difference between wrong and right was as distant then as it is today. A large number of Lost Souls have always existed among us. They do not fully understand the “whats” and the “whys” of our world, and have a hard time adapting. We are the only reason why they have been pushed further away. Busy with our own everyday troubles, many of us choose to ignore the Lost Ones.
Art has many purposes; bringing attention to the everyday adventures with our fellow human beings, is one of them.
This is the reason why I introduce to You Mr. Don Quixote of XXI Century Series.
I cannot predict how many paintings this series will contain. Life is still full of surprises…
Don Quixote of 21-st Century
Don Quixote of 21-st Century

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